Google’s Daily Limit on Inviting Managers to a Google+ Page is 21

assigning managers to google my business max

assigning managers to google my business max

In the ancient years of Google Places, we weren’t able to transfer business listings from one account to another easily. And, we weren’t able to assign additional people to a listing (i.e. managers, staff, etc). Now with Google My Business, we can assign managers and transfer full ownership of a listing from one account to another. Of course, if you want a listing to be fully transferred, you have to first assign the new account Manager access and wait 2 weeks before you can grant the full Owner access.

It’s not everyday that I work on migrating a large set of Google+ Pages from one account to another. But, in case you’re helping your client with that, just keep in mind that there is a daily maximum of 21 Google+ Pages that can be transferred, at least this is where Google stopped me from assigning a new Manager to listings.

add manager to google local max per day

I also noticed there is no mention of a maximum on Google’s support page so I’m just pointing it out here in case anyone is disappointed as I am that I have to go through this process of inviting the new account and accepting those invitations, one at a time. Doing it for 89 pages right now, and I’m about 23% through 🙂 Yay!.

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