How Phone Providers Influence Yellowpages Data in Canada

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There’s nothing worse than correcting your business information on a directory and waiting for it to update. It’s even more painful when you have to update even the most obvious mistakes like a spelling error in the Business┬áName or an Address that was mistakenly recorded. So yeah, I’m talking about Yellowpages here. But, with so much influence according to the Local Search Ecosystem in Canada, Yellowpages is not one that you can to ignore. Many small-medium directory sites grab Yellowpage’s data to populate their sites with the information at a “snapshot”, and often never gets updated again. Yikes! But there’s always a point of diminishing return when you’re building and cleaning up citations for your business. I won’t get into that in this post, but just know that you MUST get your Yellowpages data correct if you’re a Canadian business.

How do I update my information on Yellowpages?

Registered business phone number

If you attempt to submit changes through their Report an error link, good luck. Every time I’ve done that, a Yellowpages rep has come back saying that they can’t update the information because it’s supplied by a major phone provider.


yellowpages responds

Above, I was helping my uncle update his restaurant listing because the word “Resturant” was misspelled. Thanks Rogers for sending over the wrong spelling of the word “Resturant”.

So what are your options? There is only one – get in touch with your phone provider, the one that you use to register your business phone number with and inform them of a mistake in your Business Name, Address or Phone number. Typically, after they update this information on their end, Yellowpages takes roughly 2-4 weeks to update theirs. It’s worked every time, but it’s a waiting game, and let’s hope they get the information right the second time.

Non-registered business phone number

If you added your business to Yellowpages by filling out their free listing form, then you’re in luck. My past experience has been that if you’re using a cell phone or an alternative phone number for your business that is not registered as a “business number” through the providers, then you can submit changes to Yellowpages and they will update it for you. The timeframe is usually about the same, 2-4 weeks.

Closing thoughts

I could see why the process is the way it is, but I find it really frustrating that you have to jump through a hoop just to adjust something as small as a misspelling in a business name, which could make or break your citation profile online. If it was a misspelling in a common word like Resturant, is it necessary to go through the phone provider to correct this? If you’ve experience differently, please share it in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. Happy updating!.