Local Search Marketing (Local SEO) – Starting at $750 / mo

What is Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)?

Local search engine optimization, also known as Local SEO, enables prospective customers to find you easier in search engines for local keyword searches. Whether you’re a small mom and pop shop or an enterprise with multiple locations, if you’re primary target audience are those in your city, local search optimization is what you’ll need to get found.

We’ll use an example to illustrate further. Let’s say you’re a Plumber in Ottawa and your primary means of getting more business is through advertising and direct mail. Both of these methods may help you gain immediate results initially, but in the long-run it can end up costing you a lot. Local search optimization helps you capitalize on your marketing efforts by establishing a proper foundation that your business will be built upon online. It helps you gain more visibility in the search results for keywords such as “plumbers ottawa”, “best plumber in ottawa” and the like.

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Why is Local SEO Important to your business?

According to research done by Webvisible and Nielsen, the top sources that consumers use to search for local information are:

  • 82% use search engines
  • 57% use Yellow Pages directories
  • 53% use local newspapers
  • 49% use Internet Yellow Pages
  • 49% use TV
  • 38% use direct mail
  • 32% use White Pages directories

The percentage of people using search engines and email newsletters has constantly increased while the number using newspapers, magazines, and radio keeps declining.

Why being in the top 3 positions matter to your bottomline

In a study done at Cornell University, 80% of all clicks go to the top 3 listings. Most people only click on websites on the first page of a search engine’s results–including 98% of study respondents.

Our Local SEO Program

There are 6 steps in our program.

  1. Information Gathering – We meet with you and collect all the information about your business. You tell us everything about your business; what kind of work have you done in the past, goals, etc.
  2. Audit – A thorough audit of your website, Google My Business Listing, Keywords and Links will be conducted. This stage is necessary to highlight any issues that we’ll need to patch up.
  3. Citation Building and Cleanup – Local citation is a component of Google’s Local Search algorithm, so we will make sure that an audit is carried out to identify any sources that you may have missed and we’ll event help you get listed on those directories.
  4. Website – We’ll go in and make changes to your website based on the Audit carried out in Step 2.
  5. Reviews – Getting reviews and testimonials from customers can be a pain. Unless, you have a review strategy! We’ll work with you to develop a custom review strategy that has proven to work for our clients, time after time.
  6. Ongoing Strategy (and consulting) – After the first 5 steps, your local search profile should be in tip-top shape. From here, you’ll be back in the driver’s seat and we’lltell you what you need to do to keep your positions strong in the search results. Of course, if you require further guidance later, ore some idea brainstorming, we’ll be around to help!


Starting at $750 / mo for 6 months!

At the end of the 6 months, you’ll have had a makeover of your local search profile and a strategy that you can carry forward with on your own! That’s right, no ongoing fees!

Next Step

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